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Writer's Block: Happy, happy, joy, joy

Which song makes you happy every time you hear it, and why?

Geek and Gamer girls by Team Unicorn. Makes me think of my friends and helps me to know that there are other girl geeks out there. plus its nice to hear a song that mentions some of my fave things.

Writer's Block: I wanna be just like you

Was there ever a fictional character who you admired so much that you strived to be like him or her?

Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Out of all the characters I could relate to Willow the most.  When I got really mad I would imagine my hair and eyes going black.  I remember wishing I could help   Dark! Willow get revenge on Warren. I wanted to(and still do) want her to teach me how to use magic. I would write stories about me being Willow's daughter. To this day she is still my fave female character from a tv show.

Title:  and you thought gingers were suposed to be rare.
Spoilers: Makes more sence if you've seen Deathly Hallows part one.
Rating: PG
Summary: well I had this idea and I felt like wiriting. so I finished this in a little less than an hour. its just a story. if I'm the only one who likes this story than so be it. but it was just nice to write something. try to enjoy.

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Girl Talk

Title: Girl Talk
Author:  Oodlycan
Summary: Talking
Characters: Hermione, Ron,Harry
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or anything of the sort.
Author Notes:  HOORAY! My very first Harry Potter fanfiction. This story takes place during a certain scene from Deathly Hallows part one. So if you haven't seen the movie it'll proably be spoilers and the like. This is more a parody of the scene then anything else. just a funny little story. I dedicate this story to my best friend GentaKitten cause shes heard me laugh about this story who knows how many times. ENJOY!


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Tv Meme

"Borrowed" from Janna Hawkins.

Choose five tv shows:

1.) The Tudors
2.) Angel
3.)The  Big Bang Theory
4.) Merlin
5.) Dollhouse

And then answer the following questions:


Onward to the questions.Collapse )


Writer's Block: Ready for my close-up

If you could make a cameo appearance on a TV show, which show would you choose, and what type of character would you play?

Well if it could be ANY show past or present I would pick Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I would want to be a Wiccan and have Willow train me in the ways of magic.

but If It had to be a show that is airing I would pick Merlin. I would want my character to kiss Bradley James and have awesome magical powers.

Writer's Block: Money ain’t a thing

If money were no object, what technology big or small would you buy tomorrow?

I would get a new laptop. so that I could give this one to my parents so they can use it. It would be nice to have an updated computer.

Writer's Block: Vampires, again?

Is there a TV show that everyone around you watches that you really don't get or like? If so, what is it? To what do you ascribe the odd fascination?

South Park. but its proably cause of the whole "Gingers have no souls" thing. and I don't understand why people like One Tree Hill. I couldn't even get through a whole episode. Though after that I'd say that more often than not I'm obessed with a show and no one around me gets why I like it so much. Sorta like Legend of the Seeker. Though I will show my friends it some day.

Writer's Block: For your viewing pleasure

What was the best movie of the year so far? Does it have the potential to become a classic?

Prince of Persia the Sands of Time. I don't think it could become a classic but its entertaining and I like it. The only way Prince could be beat(to me at least) is by Resident Evil: AfterLife or Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Writer's Block: Orlando lives again!

If you could become one person--alive,dead or fictional--for one month, who would it be, and why?

I would have said Willow from Buffy but theres so much stuff in her life that I don't want to have to deal with. So now I say Kahlan Amnell from Legend of the Seeker. She knows all these awesome spells(and one thats kinda like Willow's) and she gets to wear pretty dresses/outfits. But best of all would be is that Richard would love me.

And if I ended up choosing to be Marian I would have married Guy. 


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